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What do you get when two book nerds who love reading, writing and supporting their community come together?

A female-owned independent publishing company!

Thinking of all the authors out there with amazing stories to tell, Alysa Bartha and Alli Leis put their heads together and created Ontario, Canada's premier independent publishing house. 

Inspiring, Canadian, Female Owned & Independent



Welcome to the world of A.F. Publishing!

Achillea Fortuna Publishing was created with a simple purpose in mind: to provide the world with high-quality books written by top-notch authors.


We love books that support those on their journey of personal growth. We want to uplift the whole of humanity by creating content that can be used for personal empowerment as well as collective realization through understanding that we are all connected. 

Whether you are searching for answers to the big questions in life or simply want to expand your knowledge of personal development, Achillea Fortuna Publishing strives to bring you works that will broaden your horizons and encourage positive transformations.


Our mission is to participate in the illumination of humankind's awakening and expansion through publishing meaningful, inspired and purposeful books with a commitment to quality and integrity.

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